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5L Medical Oxygen Concentrator

  • Classical Series Oxygen Concentrator
Classical Series Oxygen Concentrator

Classical Series Oxygen Concentrator

  • 93+/-3% purity
  • continuous oxygen
  • optional nebulizer function
  • low oxygen purity alarm
  • Product description: Classical Series Oxygen Concentrator
Item: DO2-5A

Brief Introduction:

These models can produce average 93% purity oxygen to meet 5liter flow requirements of hospital, clinic, home use, nursing centre. It can stably work in 24 hours a day, always maintain oxygen purity at average 93% at 5L/min flow. And in future, it only needs few maintenance of the main machine among its whole lifetime. Users do not need to open the machine body to do replacement of filters; this is also one of the best selling points in Dynmed products


>>24 hours work continuously

>>Four alarm systems: low oxygen concentration alarm, power off alarm, pressure circulation fault alarm and compressor fault alarm

>> AVG oxygen purity: 93%±3%

>> Low sound level: less than 45dB (A)

>> Net weight: only 15.9kg

>> Strong ABS shell, fashion design.

Technical data

Oxygen flow

1~5 LPM

Output pressure

58.6 kPa

Power supply

AC 220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz

Input power

320VA (AVER)

Oxygen concentration

1~5 LPM 93%±3%

Operation Environment

Temperature 5°C ~40°C


Atmospheric pressure:86kPa~106 kPa

OCSI indicator (Option)

85% above green;

85%below yellow;

82% below red






32cm×43cmx62 cm(L×W×H )

Operation regular

Time cycle/pressure rotation

Transportation/storage condition

Temperature-20°C ~55°C


Atmospheric pressure:86kPa~106 kPa

Equipment class&Type

Class II


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