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Role of oxygen generator in the epidemic period of coronavirus disease


Why is the oxygen generator important?


Oxygen is a life-saving therapeutic gas, which is often used to treat patients with severe pneumonia and other respiratory diseases.


Oxygen generator is an electric medical equipment. It first inhales air, removes nitrogen, then generates a continuous oxygen source, and delivers concentrated oxygen to patients who need respiratory support in a controlled manner. The oxygen generator also has the advantage of convenient transportation, which brings convenience to users and medical and health workers.


The oxygen generator can support the treatment of severe patients with coronavirus disease. In the long run, it can also help treat childhood pneumonia (one of the main causes of death in children under the age of five) and hypooxia (an important sign of death).


Respiratory support in patients with coronavirus disease

大约 15% 的冠状病毒病患者被归类为“重症”,需要氧疗,即不间断从鼻孔输送氧气。通常通过制氧机结合鼻套管供氧,可用于初级保健或医疗卫生系统的初次转诊级别。

About 15% of patients with coronavirus disease are classified as "severe" and need oxygen therapy, i.e. continuous delivery of oxygen from nostrils. Oxygen is usually supplied through an oxygen generator combined with a nasal cannula and can be used at the initial referral level of the primary health care or health care system.


The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the oxygen gap faced by many low - and middle-income countries. For many children in the poorest countries, oxygen therapy is still an unavailable luxury outside urban hospitals and private medical institutions. Oxygen can also help respond to various medical emergencies, such as emergency obstetric (delivery) care, surgery and anesthesia.


Dai magnesium oxygen generator has been successively sent to various countries all over the world

截至 2021年8月底,岱镁制氧机已向几十个国家运送了10万台制氧机。其中,红十字基金会向岱镁订购了上万台制氧机发至疫情严重地区。冠状病毒病患者以及最脆弱的新生儿和儿童而言,从岱镁采购的制氧机等设备对于挽救他们的生命至关重要。

By the end of August 2021, Daimei oxygen generator has transported 100000 oxygen generators to dozens of countries. Among them, the Red Cross Foundation ordered tens of thousands of oxygen generators from daimg and sent them to areas with serious epidemic. For patients with coronavirus disease and the most vulnerable newborns and children, equipment such as oxygen generator purchased from daimg is very important to save their lives.


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