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Beauty Oxygen Concentrator

  • Beauty use Oxygen Concentrator
  • Beauty use Oxygen Concentrator
Beauty use Oxygen ConcentratorBeauty use Oxygen Concentrator

Beauty use Oxygen Concentrator

  • High pressure high purity oxygen
  • Well designed for beauty use
  • All accessories available
  • Best option for oxygen skin care
  • Product description:
Item: DO2-8AC

Brief Introduction:

The model is professionally made for beauty use only. It can supply average 93% purity oxygen to meet big flow requirements of skincare centre, SPA, facial beauty room, etc. It can stably work in 24 hours a day, always maintain oxygen purity at 93% at 8L/min. And in future, it only needs few maintenance of the main machine among its whole lifetime. Users do not need to open the machine body to do replacement of filters; this is also one of the best selling points in Dynmed products.


>>8 Liter oxygen flow for cosmetic beauty

>> 10,000 hours lifetime

>>Optional for professional beauty airbrush

>>High nebulization rate for facial therapy

>>3 alarm systems:

           -power off alarm,

           -pressure circulation fault alarm

           -compressor fault alarm

>>Light net weight: 19.2kgs only


Model No


Oxygen flow:

18 LPM

Oxygen purity:




Power consumption:

<540 W

Operation noise(dB):


Net weight:

42.3 lbs (19.2 kg)

Operating temp:


Dimensions (L×W×H):

43 x 32 x 62 cm

Equip. Classification:

Class II  Type B

Power Supply:

AC 220V±22V/50Hz or 110V±10V /60Hz

*Note: This model isn’t suitable for oxygen breathing therapy

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