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Training Oxygen Concentrator

  • Training use low purity oxygen generator
Training use low purity oxygen generator

Training use low purity oxygen generator

  • Customized anti-break airbag
  • adjustable oxygen purity and flow
  • Customized mask for training
  • Food grade silica gel tube
  • Product description:

Simulated Altitude training Hypoxic generator 10l

Hypoxia ( low oxygen) Mountain Oxygen Concentrator for Simulated Altitude Training

Product Application

Simulated Altitude Training is quickly emerging as the world’s most promising development in the world of athletic performance and peak fitness. As your body begins to adjust to repeated exposure to reduced oxygen (hypoxic) environments, amazing physiological changes occur making you faster, stronger, healthier and leaner. Whether you are training for the Olympics or just trying to get in shape, simulated altitude training is a true training revolution. There is a increasing evidence that altitude helps to manage weight, it effectively make the body work out even when at rest because the lower oxygen drives the metabolism harder, so more calories are burned.

Hypoxia (low oxygen) causes many of the adaptations which improve fitness, particularly those related to endurance. Oxygen uptake and delivery, blood lactate removal, and buffering of hydrogen ions are all adaptations which will improve aerobic and anaerobic components of fitness.

There is also a role for hypoxic training during the rehabilitation process, providing a new stimulus for adaptation and providing a means of maintaining fitness whilst injured.

For this Simulated Altitude training Hypoxic generator 10l

Main performance parameters
Oxygen flow:
1--10 LPM
in any setting of 1 to 10ltr
Oxygen purity:
12% - 18%±1%
up to 5000m
Oxygen Output pressure:

Visible & audible parameters
Operation noise(dB)
Net weight:
Package Dimensions :
50 x 37 x 71 cm

Work condition
Power Supply:
AC 220V±22V/50Hz
or 110V±10V /60Hz
Power consumption:
<720 W
>680 W
Operating temp:





3meter tubing
bacteria filter
Chamber bag
nasal cannula /mask
air inlet filter
tube connector(plastic)
user´s manual
coarse filter

Main Features

1). modular components set up

2). Low oxygen: less till 12%

3). 72 degree ramp– interface

4). modern design and simple operation

5). new, innovative measuring sensor

6). sensitive flow adjustment

7). 2 years warranty for all functional parts

8). easily accessible filter

9). microprocessor-controlled

10). favourable price

11). Made in Jiangsu, China (near to Shanghai)


Contact: Frank Ni

Phone: +86-139-1320-1179

Tel: +86-512-82612806


Add: Floor 2 of No .2 Workshop, No. 66,Shunxing Road, Lujia Town,Kunshan, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, 215331, China

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