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Oxygen therapy? Do you really know how to do oxygen therapy?

Your body needs oxygen

Every step of human work and life is inseparable from oxygen, which is the first need of human life activities. The weight of an adult brain accounts for about 2.5-3% of its body weight, but its oxygen consumption can account for 25% of the total body oxygen consumption. If the brain is short of oxygen for a few seconds, it will cause dizziness, even syncope and other symptoms; if it is short of oxygen for more than 6-8 minutes, a living life will be off track and go to death.

Based on the importance of oxygen to the human body mechanism, in foreign medical research, some medical workers take oxygen therapy to improve the physical condition of people with hypoxia caused by a series of physical diseases (often weak body, decreased resistance, memory, chest tightness, easy depression, dark skin, etc.). In practice, oxygen therapy is mainly divided into traditional oxygen therapy, micro pressure oxygen chamber, oxygen generator, ozone therapy and natural oxygen therapy.

Application and limitation of traditional oxygen therapy

Clinical application of hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy refers to the treatment of many diseases by inhaling high concentration of oxygen under the condition of higher than normal pressure (a standard atmospheric pressure). In foreign clinical research, doctors will take hyperbaric oxygen therapy for some diseases that are difficult to be treated by traditional medical methods, such as brain injury diseases and cancer. The principle is to use blood to bring oxygen to the patient's body, stimulate the release of substances called growth factors and stem cells, and promote healing. In the United States, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is widely used at this time point after the Iraq war, mainly for those soldiers who suffered brain damage caused by the huge impact of bombs in the war.

Limitations of hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Although hyperbaric oxygen therapy is widely used at present, as a traditional way of oxygen therapy, it has some limitations. Hyperbaric oxygen chamber is not accessible to everyone. Some patients with pneumothorax and cavitary pulmonary tuberculosis can never be treated by hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Patients with hypertension, emphysema, severe myopia, bradycardia, rhinitis, cold and cold are also unsuitable.

It should be noted that oxygen is a cardiopulmonary drug and should be used under the guidance of medical staff or professionals. If the standard and safe use of oxygen can not be achieved, not only can not improve the condition, but also may have adverse consequences for users. Therefore, if hyperbaric oxygen therapy does not control the daily time, course of treatment, resting, active and sleeping oxygen flow, it is very easy to cause oxygen poisoning. In medicine, hyperbaric oxygen therapy pressure at 2 atmospheres, continuous inhalation about 2-4 hours can produce oxygen poisoning; at 3 atmospheres, continuous inhalation about 1-2 hours can produce oxygen poisoning. According to the report of medical device adverse events reported in the 14th edition of health times on April 23, 2009, the national adverse drug reaction monitoring center received suspicious adverse events related to hyperbaric oxygen chamber, such as oxygen chamber fire, oxygen humidification tank rupture, large deviation of oxygen detector indication, intercom system failure, oxygen chamber door opening obstruction, etc.

Application of micro pressure oxygen chamber & efficacy principle

Similar to the application principle of hyperbaric oxygen chamber, the micro pressure oxygen chamber places the human body in an oxygen enriched environment higher than normal atmospheric pressure. Under the action of micro high pressure, oxygen is introduced into the respiratory and microcirculation system to reach various organs of the human body, and the level of arterial oxygen partial pressure and oxygen saturation is improved to promote the metabolism of the human body.

The increase of blood oxygen content and partial pressure and the extension of blood oxygen diffusion distance under micro pressure oxygen can help relieve the hypoxia state of tissue and avoid tissue necrosis. At the same time, it can promote the activity and division of vascular fibroblasts, the formation of collagen fibers and accelerate the establishment of collateral circulation. In addition, micro pressure oxygen can increase the fragility of the gathered red blood cells, promote the rupture of blood, reduce the blood viscosity, promote the softening, dissolution and absorption of thrombus, and make the embolized artery communicate again.

Applicable people, symptoms and fields of oxygen generator

Shen Huahao, director of the Institute of respiratory diseases of Zhejiang University, said: the oxygen generator has a certain effect on people with hypoxia, such as those suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, bronchiectasis, gas poisoning and other diseases.

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